Our Services

Blocked Drains

Drainworx Mackay & Whitsundays specialise in Blocked Sewer and Storm Water Drains, High Pressure Water Jetting, CCTV Drain Camera and Service Locating

High Pressure Drain Clean

Drainworx Mackay and Whitsundays utilise a High Pressure Water Jetting System for the cleaning and clearing of domestic & dommercial sewer, stormwater & culvert Pipes from 50-800mm.

CCTV Drain Camera

We offer before and after CCTV Footage of the drain to ensure that we have successfully rectified the blockage. Utilising the CCTV Drain Camea allows us to determine if there are other issues with drain, such as broken or failed drainpipes.

Underground Service Location

Drainworx can also provide the exact location of your services, as well as blockages or drain failures by pinpointing the location using our underground locating tool.

Water Filtration

We can install both Fully Integrated or Bench Top Water Filtration systems to your Kitchen to give you the fresh clean water directly from your taps.


Many additives are added to your water supply to stop bacteria and other nasties from living in your water supply. In additon, your water is also picking up other contaminates from the pipes on it's journey to your tap.
Water Filtration takes all of these elements out before it hits your glass, ensuring your drinking water is as clean and tasty as possible.

Quality Management

Drainworx Mackay & Whitsundays not only install Water Filters, but we can also maintain new and existing filter systems. We check the quality of the water coming from your tap, and replace filters and other parts when required.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention is essential to ensure that your water supply isn't being contaminated with waste, pollutants or other potentially hazardous materials.


Backflow is the term used for the reverse flow of water, which can occur when your water supplies pressure drops below the pressure in your water systems, in turn causing backpressure which can lead to your potable drinking water becoming contaminated.


In addition to the health concerns, not having backflow prevention devices where required can lead to fines. Get in touch with Drainworx Mackay & Whitsundays to find out what you need to do be compliant.

Gas Fitting

Drainworx Mackay & Whitsundays can help with all of your gas fitting needs, whether it's in the home or in the business. We offer a professional level of service to ensure your gas systems are installed with the utmost care.

Fit Outs & Certifications

Gas is not something to be rushed, Drainworx are trained and certified to make sure your gas lines are installed in a safe and secure manner, to make sure your appliances are running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

General Plumbing

Drainworx Mackay and Whitsundays can sort out any general plumbing issues for your home or business


Drainworx Mackay and Whitsundays can install new hardware for your home or business


Drainworx specialise in plumbing maintenance, whether it's leaking taps, or blockages, we can get it sorted.