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Plumbing, Gasfitting & More

Drainworx Mackay and Whitsundays are your
Local Plumbing and Gas Maintenance Specialists.

Blocked Drains

Specialising in Blocked Sewers and Storm Water Drains, High Pressure Water Jetting, CCTV Drain Cameras and Service Locating.

Domestic & Commercial Water Filtration

Drainworx can provide your home or business with professionally installed and maintained Water Filtration.

Gas Fitting & Certification

Drainworx Mackay & Whitsundays can Install and Certify Gas Fittings

Backflow Installation & Testing

Backflow occurs when water from your property's water supply flows back into the water supply, either through backflow or a siphon. This can lead to a contamination of pesticides, chemicals and other bacteria.

General Plumbing

Drainworx Mackay and Whitsundays can sort out any general plumbing issues for your home or business